May 5, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday: Favorite Party Hosted

This week's Show & Tell Tuesday with Andrea @ Momfessionals has my name all over it. I love hosting parties. I love watching an event that I'm hosting come together and everyone having a great time. It's worth me running around frazzled. Totally worth it.

I've got 2 favorite parties. Let's start with the first one. Our wedding reception.

Obviously, we had a good time. I don't know who captured this lovely picture, but I just think it is so funny. Every once in a while Danny really gets into the music and gets his groove on.

I talked about our wedding and all the details HERE a couple of years ago. This ecard basically sums up the event...

The next party that I love love love hosting and look forward too every year is our Egg Nog Extravaganza! Right after we got married, we were "given" this party. A guy that Danny works with and his wife used to host the party, but when they started having kids they just kind of stopped. We happily took the reigns. My brother wants to change the name to "Keg Nog Extravaganza" but we don't feel right doing that since this is an inherited party. We try to have it the first or second weekend in December before family Christmas events start. We provide food that is easy. Chili, a couple appetizers, and I usually make something sweet. We also get a keg that is usually gone before the night is over, or the party ends when the keg is gone is more like it, and egg nog, duh. I get the bottles in the liquor section that all of you have to do is open and pour. I don't make it. People usually end up bringing food or drinks to share. We had a cooler of jello shots and rum punch last year.

One year we got stuff to do Minute To Win It games, but I quickly learned that people would much rather drink and chat than play games other than beer pong (I swear we're adults), cards or corn hole.

The attire is probably my favorite part. Most everyone goes all out for this. Well, the people our age anyways. Our parents just show up to watch the chaos. Danny's dad might throw a Santa hat on, but that's about it. My brother and my prom date usually get the most laughs. We award a prize to the Best Dressed Guy and Best Dressed Girl. Something small like a gift card.  Each Egg Nog Extravaganza my senior year prom date and I recreate our prom pose, so these photos will best showcase my outfits. His are pretty noteworthy too.
2011, 2012 and 2014

I'm pretty sure when we looked at our house we both said "this garage is perfect for egg nog!" and it truly is. I don't really decorate for it. I might throw a few decorations out, but that's it. One year I printed out Christmas Vacation and Elf quotes and stuck them on the cabinets, but that's about as far as I go with it. People don't come for the decorations. They come to eat and drink. This party has even been the cause of a surprise pregnancy! Not even kidding.

It's a really fun time and I hope we can host this for many, many years!


  1. The egg nog party sounds like a blast... my kind of party. Tim is like Danny, he will break out his moves when he is good and ready.

  2. Yes...totally up my alley! Love that you inherited a party! Love ugly sweater parties also!