May 14, 2015

Currently I am...

I did this post last year around this time, and in an attempt to not go on some rampage about what is grinding my gears right now, I'm going to do this fun little thing instead.

Wearing... some size 8 jeans from American Eagle that finally fit and I am so freaking happy about, a top from Loft that has some embellishments on the neckline (making it fancy), and a black cardigan. Also, my Sperry's flip flops. Basically one of the only pairs of shoes I will be wearing this summer. The other pair is another color of Sperry's flip flops. Love them!

Watching... I'm at work so I'm watching nothing. But, what I have been listening to are what I like to call my "fight songs." I have them on my running playlist to get me through when I feel like quitting. But, since my stress fracture, I've been listening to them when I'm feeling discouraged, mostly at work and with other things (they aren't my "job" but they are part of my professional life and extremely frustrating). The two I listen too when I need a pep talk: Don't Put Dirt On My Grave from Nashville (I love show tunes) and the other is Fighter by Christina Aguilera. Yeah, a blast from the past I know. The align perfectly with things going on in my life right now. What I've been through with my dad's business resembles a break up, probably more like a really nasty divorce though. So, these songs remind me not to give up.

Wanting... large sums of money. Who doesn't though? And to go for a run. Obviously, I have a lot on my mind. All I've wanted to do for the last couple of weeks since things have started hitting the fan is to go on a run. I had wine last night and while it was delicious, it wasn't as satisfying as sweat running down my face.

Loving... May. It's been so much fun so far. We've had dinner with friends, we've gone camping, the mudroom is starting to become a reality, and despite the shitheads in my professional life, work has been going pretty well. We've been extremely busy and will be until August with something going on nearly every weekend and then throw in the cruise and us being gone for nearly 2 weeks. We thrive under chaos though.

Testing... life without a boot or brace on my ankle. I really need to be wearing the brace still, but its just so annoying and things have been feeling pretty good. Plus, I don't walk that much. I take like 4,000 steps a day. I think its fine.

Laughing... at the fact that I have not one fight song, but two fight songs.


  1. I didn't even know Sperry made flip flops... where I have been?! And size 8 jeans?! Awesome!!!

  2. So what I am taking out of this post is that I need to look into this Sperry flip-flop thing like asap.