Sep 3, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

I looooove that it is already Hump Day. And I love Weigh-In Wednesday, even when there are gains. Which there is not this week by some divine miracle.

Starting weight: 175
Last week: 164
This Week: 163
Change: -1
Total Change: -12
Not much of a loss, but a pound is a pound people and I'll take it. Especially since I ate my weight in oatmeal cream whoopie pies and spinach artichoke dip on Sunday and Monday. I got my eating cleaned up a little last week and stayed on track for the most part. We got Tillie's take out on Saturday and like I said, I ate like it was my job on Sunday. Monday I mostly grazed. That's what happens when I'm home all day. I eat all day. But, chasing after a 9 month old on his way to the dog's bowls requires energy, which comes from food.
 So here is my game plan that I've been following and hope to continue and build on. I've talked about how I like easing into things and healthy eating and exercise is no different.
Last week I started running again. I ran on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I also vowed to make changes to my eating habits for millionth time. All week I told myself that last week of August was a trial run for September. I'm a month and a half out from our beach vacation and its time to get serious, or as Ash says, Get My Shit Together.
Here are my goals for getting my shit together:
1. Run 3 times a week.
2. Eat in a way that I don't feel guilty. Basically, I want to earn the "bad" foods. For example, last night after I got home from my run and picking up Tucker, I had 933 calories left for dinner. I had no problems finishing off the leftover cheesy potatoes from Sunday and ended up being 35 calories under budget.
3. Zumba toning session. I've told you guys how my zumba instructor is super woman right? She is in her mid-late 30s, just had a baby in April (she was still doing Zumba in March) and you'd never know that it was her 6th baby. She's the kind of woman you want to hate, but she's just so sweet and nice that you can't. I haven't been going to Zumba like I would like too. Tucker has been super clingy and a teething grumpy mess so I have to find other cardio options. Well, the toning sessions are on Sundays and Danny can stay home with him now. Plus we are using these nights as bedtime practice for Daddy and Tucker for when I'm gone in November. All that being said, I would really really like to go to the toning session.
4. Stick to the Guns, Buns and Ab Challenge. I'm 2/2 on completing it. I was looking at this last night to see what was in store towards the end. Um, 240 squats? I can tell you right now those will probably be done throughout the day. My buns hurt just thinking about it.
Overall, I'm pretty happy with where I'm at and how things are going. Hopefully the next weigh-in is just has positive. Especially since I signed up for a DietBet yesterday. I lost one before and it made me grumpy. Kind of like this headache that I woke up with.
How did Weigh-In Wednesday go for you? 


  1. Great loss! Good luck with the dietbet!

  2. awesome plan for an awesome week :) And who can pass up whoopee pies and spinach dip :)