Sep 8, 2014

Weekend Recap

We had a pretty standard weekend. Well, Tucker and I did anyways. Danny had a pretty fun and rare weekend.

Friday night Tucker and I hung out while Danny hosted the fire dept's fantasy football draft out in the garage. I made the guys that super easy spinach and artichoke dip I made last weekend. Danny said it was a big hit. The garage is the perfect place for something like that. Which is good since our house is the size of a shoebox. I went to bed around 10, which was lovely.

Saturday morning we had swimming again. The instructor is so impressed with how much Tucker loves the water. However, this week he started getting pretty bored "swimming" after the ball while she was working with the other kids (we are in the toddler class since we were the only ones in the baby class) and he started fighting me a little. Either way, he still did pretty well. After swimming, him and I got cleaned up and headed to my mom's apartment. My good friend Shelby moved back home from Texas and lives in the same complex as my mom. I went down to help her unpack and my mom watched Tucker. While Tuck and I were doing our thing, Danny went out with a few friends to help one of the part time firefighters celebrate his 21st birthday. Danny doesn't do bars. He just doesn't go out. I can count on one hand (I think) the number of times Danny and I have gone out. We are more of a chill at home on the porch/by the fire/in the barn or garage type of people. Not downtown Indy bar-hopping people. He had a blast though! Which I am very happy about. He ended up staying down there in a hotel with the other guys and made it home by noon yesterday. Like I said, he doesn't go out much ever so I actually encouraged him to go. Plus, about 4 other guys bailed on celebrating with this kid so I felt bad for him.
A new tractor for Gigi's house! Can someone say spoiled?

Sunday was a very lazy day for me. I didn't change out of my pj's until it was time to go to Zumba, which was at 7:30. I lounged with Tucker, did some laundry, some dishes, and washed pump parts and other random things. Danny even made dinner so I didn't even have to do that. It was glorious. I even got to take a nap! Zumba was tough. Last night was the start of the 6 week toning session. I'm not too sore today, but I thought my arms were going to fall off last night.
Well, I wasn't too lazy all day. And no worries, he landed safely on the other side with no bumps, bruises or tears. Just an ornery grin.

Finally, today is a special day. It's my dad's birthday!
My dad would have been 49 years old today. If he were still here, I'd be working on planning on a big surprise 50th birthday party that he would have been extra pissed about. Instead, my brother and I are going to lunch to get a Dan Overman favorite, a turkey bacon club. We used to take a shot of Crown at midnight, but ain't no new mama got time for that. Happy birthday, Daddy!

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