Sep 22, 2014

Weekend Recap

We had a GORGEOUS September weekend here in Indiana. Well, other than Saturday night but the torrential downpour held out until I was safely back in my vehicle.

Friday was homecoming for our high school. Danny and I both graduated from there and Danny played football there so we like to attend at least that game. Along with the parade. We headed to the fire station around 5 on Friday to get a good spot for the parade. Tucker enjoyed it. Not the floats so much as the candy. The kid LOVED the sucker his daddy gave him.

After the game we got dinner to go from the bar around the corner then headed to the game. We stayed until right before half time because the little man was getting tired.

Saturday I got slapped in the face with a reminder that I have now reached my mid-20s. I played in a co-ed slow pitch softball tournament. A cross fit gym here in town hosted to raise money for their gym. I jumped at the chance to play softball again. It was a double elimination tournament and we lost the very first game, landing us in the loser's bracket. We won our next 4 games yep at that point we were at 5 games played then forfeited the 6th game because one of our players had to leave to take his daughter to Columbus OH for some showcase. Oh, and also because there was lightning and the rain was picking up. I had SO much fun though. It hurts like hell still, but I'd do it again in a second. Even if I did pull my right ass muscle the first at bat of the first game.

Sunday we went to church and then breakfast with my friend Andrea and her boyfriend Tom. Their treat! Now, picture this. Tucker is handed a piece of toast and then proceeds to wipe it all over his head. Butter side down of course. Which looked so nice as the day went on and we met my mom and brother for a late lunch to celebrate my mom's 49th birthday. 
Tucker was lovin Uncle Drew yesterday!

After celebrating, we headed home to lounge and get caught up on some housework and laundry. Well, kind of. Moving was a monumental challenge yesterday so when I say housework I mean only housework that can be done without bending over too many times.

Now Monday is here and I woke up with a headache. I've taken 2 Tylenol and have had 2 cups of coffee. If it doesn't go away soon, this day isn't looking good for anybody!


  1. Oh no, I can totally feel you on the headache! :( Do you have any Exedrin? That's the only thing that ever helps when I get a headache. Feel better!

  2. I miss softball but 5 games- I hurt for you. O loves rubbing his greasy food and/or hands in his hair all the time. He think he is going to be that shower twice a day kinda kid. He loves being dirty. I can't get over how much hair Tuck has and how big he is getting.