Aug 5, 2014

3 years

Yesterday I spared you guys the repeat recap of this past weekend. With the exception of no doctor's appointment for Tuck on Friday, it was the exact same. Campground on Saturday, birthday party and getting shit done on Sunday. You didn't need to read about that again.

Today is a special day though. Three years ago today, I became Mrs. Summers. Three years ago today I was getting the reception decorations all set up before heading to the salon to get wedding ready. It was seriously the most perfect day, with only a couple minor hiccups that didn't even bother me. Nothing about the wedding mattered except the open bar because I was excited for our marriage. The moment Danny and I started dating, I knew he was the one. I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with this man and I couldn't wait for that day to arrive.

Here are some of my favorite photos from our wedding day.

Danny and I opted out of not seeing each other before the wedding. We didn't want to make our guests wait too long at the reception while we finished up pictures. We chose to just have a special moment with the two of us (and the photographer obviously). After a couple shots, we were left to spend a few moments together before we finished pictures. It didn't take anything away from walking down the aisle either.
My brother had the duty of walking me down the aisle since our dad passed away the year before. About 30 minutes before we were to walk out, we had a Crown Royal drink in honor of our dad. I had special glasses made for the occasion with the Crown Royal slogan, "For Every King A Crown" It was a special time.
This is one of my absolute favorite pictures from our wedding. An in the moment, not posing picture. I just love it.
Our first dance. Who doesn't love one of their first dance photos?
The two most important things in my dad's life were his family and his friends. I wanted to do something special with his 3 best friends. The guy in the first picture wrote a song for George Strait called "Oh, What a Perfect Day" and my dad was so incredibly proud of him. He went out and bought like 6 of the CD's since his friend would make a cut of each record sold. I had the DJ play that song and call all 3 of them out to the dance floor. I danced with each of them for a little bit of the song. I won't ever get a true father daughter dance, but this is the next best thing and something I will hold near and dear to my heart.
My bridesmaids. My closest friends (except one) still to this day.
A special dance with some of my sorority sisters. At the end of each formal, the song Miss American Pie was played. It was only right to play it at our wedding.
Here's to another wonderful year with the man of my dreams!


  1. Love all the pictures! You were a beautiful bride! Happy Anniversary! Love the pictures with your sorority sisters! Btw, were you an ADPI or an AOPI?

  2. Awwww! I love all the pictures! Happy Anniversary! You were a gorgeous bride! :)

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! I teared up when you talked about dancing with your dads best friends and the glasses you had made for you and your brothers special toast. What a way to honor a memory. Here's to many more years!