Aug 13, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

Wednesday is so many things in my world. Payday,  hump day, and it is now the day I weigh in. I generally hate Wednesdays because they are so busy. I don't know why they are but it's always been that way. That must be why my brain clocks out on Thursday afternoons. It's kind of a problem.

Anyways, the real reason why we are here. Weigh In Wednesday. I joined in last week but didn't have any numbers do to lack of time. The week before that? I had numbers, and a post even, but had formatting issues at home and never logged in at work to fix them. So, I'm going off those numbers for my weekly change.
Weigh In Wednesday
Starting weight: 175
Two weeks ago: 165.2
This week: 162.0
Change: -3.2
Total Change: 13
I have reached the half way point to my pre-pregnancy weight! This half way point is huge for me.
Right before I got pregnant, I lose about 15 pounds. I had gotten my eating on track, I was exercising a decent amount and things were going great. Losing weight before getting pregnant was completely intentional. I didn't want to be overweight, pack on 50 pounds except it was more like 65 then feel like shit. What new mom doesn't feel like shit anyways. Between healing, lack of sleep and those damn hormones, the last thing you need is to worry the weight. Which is what I would have done, and still did just a little, had I not lost the weight. Losing weight beforehand helped ease some of those worries to me. I had a "head start" and I knew I was capable of losing weight. Knowing that I could do it was the biggest relief of them all.
With that weight loss, I have given myself 2 numbers to work off of throughout losing the baby weight. I have a "Pre-Pregnancy Weight" and a "Pre-Pre-Pregnancy Weight". Pre being the 150 after the weight loss, and Pre-Pre being 160-164. I fluctuated a lot prior to losing weight because I'd do the song and dance of losing the pounds, then resuming normal unhealthy activities.
So, I have arrived at the Pre-Pre-Pregnancy weight. First goal is met just a couple weeks shy of Tuck's 9 month birthday. Although I sit here and still feel like a busted can of biscuits most days, I am so proud of how far I have made it since February. Through 2 busy seasons at work, Danny's broken foot and just the fact that I had a baby, I've managed to lose some weight.
I've started getting back into exercising regularly. I walked at the park twice last week and went to Zumba last night and am planning on going again Thursday. I think my Zumba days are numbered though, at least until September. Tucker has been pretty fussy in the nursery there the last 2 times and I don't want the poor sitter to go through that. I'm thinking about doing 30 day shred at home, but going to Zumba on days that I can find someone else to watch him or Danny can be home with him. Who freaking knows. I'm also toying with the idea of running again. Indiana weather has been very fall like lately and since its not hot as balls out, running doesn't sound terrible. So basically I have zero clue as to what my exercise plans are for the next month or so. It's wonderful.
Okay, so like I said earlier, Wednesdays pretty much suck so it's time for me to get some work done!


  1. Love Zumba but due to my busy 2 yr old I have had to find other ways to exercise.

  2. You're doing great. I've got a pre-preg and a pre-pre-preg weight too...still trying to get to that first goal :)