Aug 14, 2014

Life Lately

Tuesday was a big day in our house, but mostly for Danny. This calls for an update on what's been going on with my men and me.

First up is Danny. HE GOT HIS PINS OUT ON TUESDAY! After 5 long weeks since Surgery, the pins are out, the cast is off and the rehabilitation process starts. I almost cried. And so did Danny when they were taking them out. Except he was crying because it hurt. Lucky for him his bone structure was really great and the pins didn't move. Like at all. Which is pretty uncommon but certainly not a bad thing. The dr. said the patients normally pull them out themselves for fun although I don't see how that is fun, which might be why I sell insurance and don't work in the medical field but they had to use a tool to pull Danny's out. Oh, and one was bent so that one hurt and Danny almost let some choice words fly out. Anyways, he is in a boot and has been given the go ahead to ease into walking without crutches. And he can drive. No more dropping him off and picking him up at work. I'm so happy for him that this process is almost over. He's had a pretty hard time with it but has handled it much better than his friends and I ever anticipated.

Now for the little guy. Saturday will mark 3 weeks since I made the dairy free change to my diet and we added the medicine (lactulose) 2 weeks ago yesterday. We've seen some improvement in him going number 2. He still doesn't go everyday and still cries when he does sometimes, but things are getting better. I really think part of the crying might be the psychological part of it. Every time he's gone for the last 3 months it has hurt him so I would imagine that when he goes it scares him. Moving on from the poop talk.... This kid LOVES to eat. And don't you dare try to eat in front of him without giving him any. It pisses him off and he will let you know about it. So far, the only thing he doesn't care for is bananas. He's plowed through every other puree we've tried. As far as table foods go, he loves toast, apples (he just sort of sucks/chews and occasionally gets a piece off) noodles, green beans, peas, carrots (cooked), puffs, and this week we've tried grilled chicken and chicken sausage. He went absolutely ape shit over the chicken.

Tuck and I start swim classes this coming Saturday. It's a 7 week session and I'm so excited for him. I put him in the bath last night to see how he would react to the water (we normally bathe him on a towel on the counter) and he LOVED it. I let him play for a good 10 minutes and may have cried while watching him and he was so stinkin happy. He's also working on crawling. He's scooting and rolling around well enough that he can no longer be left unattended for more than 2 seconds. Things are getting interesting.

As for this girl. Well I'm still down right tired. Things are getting better though and I'm almost at the end of this challenging time since Danny's pins are out. I haven't handled this too well. It could be the timing of it all with the broken foot happening at the beginning of a really busy time at work. I think that's most of it. I just don't do well when I'm stressed out and can't take a break. Danny told me the other day that when this is all over that I need to take a day and go shopping with one of my girlfriends or something. But honestly, I kind of just want to go roam around Target and the mall by myself. I just need some time to myself. Some time to slow down, gather my thoughts and refresh. we all need that every now and then. Plus, retail therapy has always been known to make me happy.

So, that's what we've got going on. Pretty soon this broken foot crap will be nothing but a memory!


  1. Yay for getting pins out! My husband fell off the roof right before Christmas last year and broke his wrist, and needed surgery (his pins won't come out). I COMPLETELY understand how you feel. With a full time job and 3 kids and Christmas, I felt a little nutso!

  2. I am so glad this challenging time with the broken foot is almost over for you. I hope he continues to heal and can be back to normal!!! Yay for swimming lessons! I was a lifeguard when I was a teenager and taught swim lessons. Seriously one of the best things you can teach your kids! I am so grateful when I hear that parents are having their kids take swimming lessons!!!!

  3. YAY for the pins being removed!!! That's a huge step towards things getting better! And I'm glad that Danny handled everything with his injury well over the last 5 weeks! Good to hear Tucker is doing a little better! I hope it continues to get better! He is just the cutest! You totally will need a shopping day or just some time to yourself once things catch up! :)

  4. I am taking Mason to swim lessons from September to December. We went for 2 sessions in July and my aunt thinks they are important so she is paying for the fall sessions.
    Congrats on getting the pins out I am sure that is one more step in the road to recovery!
    Thanks for linking up! I am a volunteer Firefighter/EMT wife. I am an EMT too, but not so much the firefighter thing lol

  5. Oli loves the water too. Maybe you can start getting some rest now that the hubs doesn't have to rely on you as much. I am glad to hear his healing process is going good.