Apr 18, 2016

Weekend Recap

Whew was this weekend a busy one! I feel like this was a typical Summers family weekend. Cramming as much as we possibly can into 2 days.

Friday I left work to get Tucker and Danny and I ended up at his mom's at the same time. Danny took Tuck to wash the truck so I sped home to squeeze a workout in before they got home. I didn't get it all the way done, so I had a workout buddy towards the end that actually sat on me a few times.

Danny went to work and Tuck and I went to my brothers to get a feel for what I needed for the shower I'm throwing for my future sister-in-law. After Tucker went to bed I watched Grey's with a glass of wine and went to bed.

Saturday morning Danny took Tucker to breakfast so I could do PiYo Drench. Its a good thing they left the house since I said the F word at least 13 times. Chalene means business in that one! I got it done and felt awesome afterwards. I quickly took a shower and meant to quickly fold laundry but I noticed this mess. Really? How does this happen?

I worked through it, got ready and met the boys at Danny's dad's house to clean our camper. Its all shiny and ready to go! I got the camper cleaned and headed to Indy to meet my mom for bridal shower shopping. We went to Michaels for decorations. I love that store, and dare I say it, more than Hobby Lobby! I never thought it would be possible to love a store more than Hob Lob, but I do. We got tons of great stuff, for the shower and ourselves, headed to Five Guys for a quick dinner, then finished the shopping at Target. It had been a while since I got to shop with my mom without the Tiny Dictator. While its nice having our cute, little shopping companion, its also nice to leisurely walk through stores without making threats and worrying you'll have to buy something that's already broken.

Sunday was the busiest. Tuck and I went to the grocery then came home and played outside. It was beautiful outside too! The kid loves water and I didn't feel like getting his pool out, or like it was possible to do that in April, so I made due with some food storage containers and a bowl. Who needs a $40 water table? 

I had a movie date with my niece, so she came over to play before we went to the movie. Her and Tucker play so well together and it allows me to get stuff done. 

My mom showed up to watch Tucker and my niece and I headed off to the movie. The theater in town was playing Jungle Book and it was really good! And cheap! I spent $20 on tickets, drinks, popcorn and candy. This was her Christmas present and I'll be doing this as long as the 3 nieces will let me. After the movie we went home so her and Tuck could play some more before I took her home. After we dropped her off, Tucker painted, played with chalk, and played with the neighbor for about 10 minutes. It was late when they started playing and both mom's were exhausted.

After Tuck went to bed, I cut up some fruit, put laundry away and picked up toys.

And now its Monday, with a  busy and fun week ahead! My brother and I are getting rid of one of our houses day and I couldn't be more excited!

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  1. Phew what a busy weekend! Sounds like lots of fun and productiveness!