Apr 26, 2016

Weekend Recap - Bridal Shower

Consistent blogging got derailed yesterday when Tucker needed to go to the doctor. He was sick, or so I thought, over the weekend so I stayed home to snuggle and take him to the doctor in the morning. Then when I finally made it to work, I had so much to do that blogging took a back seat to work yesterday. But, here we are today, a weekend recap on a Tuesday!

I took most of Friday off of work. I came in for an hour to prep for a Monday meeting, then headed off to the dermatologist. My mom, who has had Melanoma before, wasn't fond of a spot she noticed on my shoulder. Given her history, I didn't mess around and called the office that treated her. They got me in on Friday and I walked out with 3 less moles/sun spots. Go get checked. You can never be too careful!  After the doctor, I got going on my party prepping. This was bridal shower weekend for my future sister-in-law and I had lots of prepping to do since it was pretty much all DIY. After a trip to Hobby Lobby for more d├ęcor materials, I made the big food shopping trip. I couldn't fit one more thing in the cart if I tried.

I got so distracted that I left my jacket in the bottom. I took it off because I knew unloading it would make me sweat (I still broke a sweat) and as I took it off I said out loud to myself "you're going to forget this" and sure enough, I did. And I just realized I still haven't called to see if someone turned it in.

I dropped things off at my brother's barn where we were having the party, made cupcakes, then picked up cookies and favors, and dropped cupcakes off to Danny's mom to ice for me while I picked Tucker up. My mom and I had intentions of decorating Friday night, but a sickish and hungry Tucker had other plans. We ate Mexican then went home. My mom and I food prepped until about 11:30, then I started in on decoration prep. I had good intentions of getting things done all week, but mid-week camping put a damper on those plans. We called it a night at 1 and Tucker got up for the day at 6.

Saturday was a blur. We finished food prep and got ourselves ready. We got all decorations hung and food finished and set out in like an hour and a half. I got kind of bossy, which my mom has forgiven me for. I kept telling her and my grandma who arrived like 30 minutes early to leave me alone. I may or may not have compared my party prepping to Joanna Gaines. She likes to be left alone while she's staging a  house and I think I just need to be left alone to stage a party.

The bridal shower was awesome though. I made enough food for 2 showers, we played this game, and watched the bride open gifts. I let her know while opening that I'm done hosting holidays now that she is equipped to handle them. I was mostly joking.

My mom and I are so excited that this girl is going to officially be family. She is PERFECT for my brother. That alone is something she deserves a party for. Seriously, I told the guests that. 

I failed to get pictures of the other decorations. The picture banner I made turned out really cute being that it was last minute. I bought these cute letter clips with the intentions of spelling LOVE, but ended up spelling LEVE. Not cute. Thankfully I realized this on Friday so I could improvise. The favors were adorable too. I wanted to give the guests homemade soaps that a wife of one of firefighters makes. She came up with these favor ideas and made tags that said "From Megan's Shower to Yours." They were perfect! 

Danny's mom did great with the cupcake dress. I made the cupcakes, we assembled the dress, and she iced it. Its so nice having a mother-in-law that can do all things! 

Saturday night I was dead. I was a zombie at the chicken dinner fundraiser we attended. I was in bed my 9pm. Which was good since Tucker was up at 10:30, 12, I slept on his floor from 1-2:30 and then he came in bed with Danny and I at 4ish I think. Rough.

Sunday was a lot of lounging and a Target trip. Tucker got sick all over himself from coughing in the car on the way home, so that was fun. Thankfully I had bought him pj's while at Target so I had an outfit. Cleaning that up was fun and sealed the deal that I wasn't doing anything when we got home.


  1. Evan has been coughing and then throwing up for a week and a half. I took him to the chiro and not he is good. Your weekend sounded as busy, but as fun, as mine. Also, you are not the only one that wants to be left alone to set up... I am the same way.

  2. Beautiful shower and details! Way to go! Poor Tucker getting sick in the vehicle... No thank you!

  3. Aww! This is so cute! I loved the cake design, it is perfect! I got some good ideas from here for my friend’s bridal shower. I have booked one of the San Francisco venues for her bridal shower cum bachelorette party. I have even planned a surprise for her.