Apr 7, 2016

My Husband is a Big Deal

When Danny and I started dating in high school, I got my first glimpse into the firefighting world. Prior to that I had no idea what that was even like. Zero knowledge.  Since then I've seen how much hard work, dedication, loyalty, and selflessness the career takes. Sometimes its not even a career. Sometimes you're just doing it and not getting paid if you live in a rural town that only has a volunteer department, which is where Danny got his start.

At 18 years old, Danny was a volunteer firefighter and became an EMT while we were seniors in high school. I remember wishing him good luck as we walked down the halls at the end of the school day. He passed with flying colors.

When we were 20, with just a  year left to go before he was eligible to be hired full-time at a paid department, he began medic school. He had interest in becoming a paramedic, but his true desire was to become a full-time firefighter in our hometown where he had been a reserve for 2 years, filling in when guys were sick or wanted time off to be with their families. He began his 2 year degree, got hired at the fire department 5 months after turning 21. While he had the job and was officially a firefighter, the job depended on him completing medic school and passing his National Registry. He graduated medic school in May of 2012 and took the test in June. He passed with flying colors.

Fast forward 3 1/2 years to this February: there are lieutenant openings. The position is based on your ability to answer some scenario questions and also how you perform on the written test. It came as no surprise that Danny passed the test with flying colors. With that, came a promotion to lieutenant. The promotion happened this Monday.

Monday evening the promotion was approved and my husband is a lieutenant. I could not be prouder of him.

When I asked him what he wanted to do to celebrate, he wasn't sure. I decided to bake him a cake and he requested Boston Cream Pie. I had never made a Boston Cream Pie, let alone even tasted one. Thanks to Pinterest, I found a great recipe and it turned out great. After his promotion, our moms came over and we all had cake. I shared with Tuck since I started a semi-whole30 on Monday. All Tucker cared about was the chocolate topping and the custard.

I am so proud of you Danny Summers. Thank you for all that you do for our town. And thank you for letting me be apart of this journey.

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  1. I have had firefighting in my family since I can remember and my brother started the exact same way Danny did. He is now a fireman in St. Louis, MO. He is also the fire chief for the Volunteer department that my dad and uncle were a part of. Congrats Danny! Thank you for serving us and not thinking twice about running into the situations most would run from.