Apr 11, 2016

Weekend Recap - Garth Brooks

I had the Best. Weekend. Ever!

Saturday was such a good day that I think I've blocked Friday out.

After a workout, packing and 4H pig buying, Danny and I headed south for our trip to Louisville to see Garth Brooks. I was so excited for this concert. Thursday I listened to his biggest hits and at the start of each song I found myself saying "I can't wait to hear this one!" And not a single song disappointed.

Let's start with our food first. When I was discussing the trip with a client, he and his wife recommended that we go to Stoney River. They said it was pricey and worth every penny. Awesome. And we could wear jeans. Even better. I made reservations before our trip and looked forward to this meal for 3 weeks. Now I'm trying to figure out how to go back. Here's what we ate:

App: crab cake with mango salsa and the best little rolls.
Drinks: Danny loves Johnny Walker so he had a Black Label and Diet, I had a Honey Duchess. Not sure what all was in it. I read Sparkling Wine and was sold.
EntrĂ©e: Danny got a Ribeye with French fries and a house salad. I got the Coffee Cured Filet Mignon with au gratin potatoes and a house salad. *Fail: I only have a picture of the salad. 

Oh. My. Goodness. The best meal of my whole entire 26.5 years of life. If you're ever in Louisville, do yourself a favor and eat there.

Concert time. We drove back to the hotel to park and so Danny could take his medicine since he was on the tail end of an ear infection and walked to the concert. 

That place was a madhouse, as to be expected.

We used the bathroom, got some beverages and walked to our seats. Almost at the very top of the KFC Yum Center. By almost I mean the second to last row. My husband that runs into burning buildings for a living was fearful of his life. I ended up not drinking my second beverage not only because I didn't want to miss a second of this concert, but because I was certain I would fall if I tried to get out and come back in. 

But it was still the best concert I've ever attended. I've seen a lot of great artists, including Reba and George Strait in very close seats, but this was fantastic. Garth Brooks puts everything he has into every single song. He played 4 shows in 2 days, starting at 7:30 both nights and I don't doubt for a second that the last show was as good as the first. Sidenote: Garth is on the big ball in the middle.

He played all of the favorites, ran laps around the stage and gave me a night I'll always remember. It was worth sitting so high up I was nervous. Next time though I'll be splurging for the good seats. I almost did this time but wasn't sure how big the Yum Center was. Its pretty big, go ahead and get the more expensive tickets on Stub Hub.

Sunday was a productive day. We picked Tucker up from my mom's house. He had a pretty good weekend too.

Danny and Tucker went to go look at more pigs when we got back. While they were gone I was able to go to the grocery, go for a run, prep some food and make dinner.

It was a weekend for the books.


  1. Garth is AWESOME! I saw him at the end of 2014 in Minneapolis and we are going again on the 30th because he will be in Des Moines! Somehow my sister scored floor seats in the 21st row for $75. Can't.freaking.wait!

  2. That food!!! Gosh. I want some! Sounds like a great concert!!! It's the best when an artist has so many great hits!

  3. I am super jealous, I had some friends go to Garth this weekend too. Watching their snaps killed me.