Feb 7, 2017

34 weeks

34 freaking weeks. How did I get here? These last few weeks have flown by just like I expected them too. I'm waiting on time to start dragging since I'm starting to get really uncomfortable but it hasn't yet.

Baby size: average cantaloupe. That's exactly what my app says.
Any symptoms?  still have the shitty immune system. everything from the boobs down still hurts. some cramping. really tired.
Favorite part this week? We have everything we need for her arrival. It's still sitting in bags, but we have it.
Least favorite part this week? being sick, again. Yes this is the same as last week.
Boy or Girl? GIRL!
Names? Charlee Danielle

Not much has changed. My NST and BPP on Thursday went pretty well. The nurse doing the BPP/ultrasound was concerned about my cervix and the possibility of me being in early preterm labor, but the NST didn't show any contractions so my OB wasn't concerned. The NST went well yesterday too. I've been feeling very crampy the last few days so I'm not sure how things will go this Thursday.

I also went to my family doctor yesterday for this sickness that I've had basically since the beginning on January. It did go away for about a week and a half, but came back with a vengeance last Monday. Saturday evening I was riding the struggle bus. My head was congested, my chest was congested, my head hurt from coughing, I couldn't keep my eyes open but also couldn't sleep. I was feeling so bad that I had to call my mother-in-law to see if she could keep Tucker for the night. I had probably overdone it shopping, which was just to Target, but staying home and solo parenting Tucker all day would have probably been more work honestly. Danny ordered me to call the doctor Monday morning and I didn't even put up a fight. They miraculously had an opening yesterday morning so I was able to get in. I was told I have bronchitis and sinusitis. He sent me home with a script for an antibiotic and told me to get regular Mucinex. I was hesitant to trust his knowledge on whether both meds were safe for me to take since this is the exchange we had.
Dr: Are you having any shortness of breath?
Me: Yes, but it's probably more pregnancy related than sickness related.
Dr: Oh you're pregnant?

Uhhhh, okay. I was sitting down, but still. I'll be setting up an appointment with a new doctor after this baby is born. I've been wanting too anyways, but this sealed the deal. I don't know if he's just oblivious, blind, or just that disconnected from his patients. None of those are okay with me so I'll be moving on.

Not much going on right now except for coughing.

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