Feb 1, 2017

33 weeks

I skipped the bumpdate yesterday because I was home sick. That's something I haven't talked about on here. I have been sick nonstop! I had the stomach flu TWICE in December and this is my second cold/virus. Tucker had a cold in the beginning on January and after coughing and breathing in my face for a couple days, I finally got ahold of it. I had to postpone a work trip because I was so full of snot. Then Monday as I was leaving my NST my throat started hurting. It literally came on while I was sitting in the chair. Thankfully Tylenol has been helping with the pain but I hate taking dose after dose. I felt horrible Monday night and my whole body was starting to ache so I decided to make Tuesday a rest day. I watched 10 episodes of Gilmore Girls and I drank 90 ounces of water so I'd say I did alright resting and hydrating. I excel at those two activities if given the opportunity.

Baby size: pineapple
Any symptoms?  everything from my boobs down hurts. my shitty immune system is also a symptom.
Favorite part this week? I'm really seeing the movements from this girl. This was my favorite part of being pregnant with Tucker so I'm really trying to enjoy the dance parties.
Least favorite part this week? being sick, again, and unable to take Dayquil and Nyquil.
Boy or Girl? GIRL!
Names? Charlee Danielle

My NST on Monday went well. The actual monitoring only takes 20 minutes but they schedule you for 60 in case your baby is being difficult, like mine. The poor nurse, which I know, had to sit on the floor and hold the monitor on my stomach the entire time because every time she let go it would move just enough that it wouldn't pick up Charlee's heartbeat. We had fun chatting though! My gestational diabetes is going well. I've had a few post meal reads that have been above the limit, but I haven't been told by the educator that I need to come back in or start insulin so I'd say I'm doing alright. She actually told me on Monday I don't need to send my numbers in again until February 7th, which is a lot longer than every 4 days like I was having to do.

It's crunch time in terms of baby prepping. Danny and I are both working at getting some meals put in the freezer. So far we have 9, which is 9 more than we had with Tucker haha. Danny is whipping up some chili that is just for the freezer and then making a double batch of beef and noodles today so we can eat tonight and freeze some for another night. I bought food to make burritos for lunches and a couple dinners. We ate a lot of take out after Tucker and I'm hoping to avoid eating take out for EVERY dinner this time around. We also have things to buy. Curtains, new nipples for bottles, blankets, recovery supplies for me, a new changing table pad, the rest of Tucker's gift from Charlee, and another monitor. We also need to do things like get the car seat and bases out and turn the crib back into a crib. I also need to pack my hospital bag and Tucker's bag for Danny's mom's house.

Time to cram 2 days worth of work into 1!

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