Feb 17, 2014

Valentine's Day + The Weekend

This weekend absolutely flew by. I didn't get as many baby snuggles on Sunday as I would have liked, so I would like a redo please! Overall it was a good weekend other than the nasty ass cold I had all weekend. I think I'm on the downhill slope though.

Valentine's Day was pretty low key for us. It has never been an extravagant holiday though so that's nothing new. We exchanged gifts Thursday evening when I got home from work. Danny made me dinner so I felt like giving him his Valentine's early. Plus he worked on Friday. I got him a pair of thick socks and some band-aids. He was bitching about not having band-aids a couple weeks ago, so I picked up some Cars ones for him. I'm sweet like that. The rest of his Valentine's gift was making him dinner Saturday night. I heard him tell his mom the other day that he wanted mac & cheese with hot dogs. Like I said Friday he is kind of like a little kid. So, I picked up a box of mac & cheese, the deluxe four cheese kind by craft, and some big turkey hot dogs (he wasn't thrilled that they weren't regular ol all beef franks) and fixed my man some dinner. He was a happy boy. Aside from dinner, I got a card from Danny and Tucker and Diesel got me a card and a gift card to Hobby Lobby. I imagine Tucker rode on Diesel's back the whole 20 minutes it takes to get to either Hobby Lobby. :)

Tucker partied with his cousins at their school's Valentine's Day party on Friday. He also taught his 13 year old cousin that babies are chick magnet. I mean, look at him!

Saturday we took Tucker to my mom's while we roamed around the Boat, Sport and Travel show to pick out our boat, camper and 4-wheeler. This weekend was the motorcycle expo so Danny picked our a Harley too ;) Really though, I think we're getting closer to actually buying a camper. We talk about it, our friends try to pressure us into it and it would really be a lot of fun. Maybe this time next year we'll suck it up and actually fork out the money.
He was so happy to spend the day with his Gigi

After that we rushed back to town for church, then pawned the kid off on Danny's brother so they could watch the Daytona 500 stuff on TV. His brother had been waiting on that night since we told him we were pregnant. It was kind of hilarious. While he was there, we had our gourmet mac and cheese/hot dog dinner then went to visit my Gram.

Sunday Tucker and I played and then spent a couple hours at Grammy's and then lounged the rest of the evening.

Grammy update: She is home on hospice now.  It was either hospice in a facility, or hospice at home. I felt like a facility would be a good choice, but my aunt went with doing it at home. And I'm glad she did. Saturday she had a really good day. She was up for 3 hours and was talking, making jokes and even had a drink (by drink I mean Windsor and coke) with one of her very best friends. You can't do that if you aren't home. But then Sunday was a rough day with pain and trouble breathing. It'll probably be that way from here on out and we'll just have to take it day by day.

That's all for now. We are about to get hit with more "winter weather" once again. Winter weather my ass. This is hell frozen over.

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  1. Tucker is such a little stud! Sounds like a great weekend though! I just have to add a little pressure to the whole camper thing... DOOOO IT! it's sooo worth it! ;) Cherish those good days with your Gram!