Feb 3, 2014

Operation Organization

I spent a good part of this weekend thinking of how I can organize our house better. Ever since our little dude arrived, things have been pretty chaotic with his health issues in the beginning, then the holidays, then my cyst and now the arctic temperatures. And our house seems to be struggling. Like the physical appearance of it. I'm pretty sure I almost had a mental breakdown over it the week before last.

This weekend was the kitchen and my craft/scrapbooking supplies. I'll be honest, finding a new spot for my crafting shit has been on my to-do list since about August.

Friday my mom came up to help me. She tackled dishes and holding the baby while I straightened up the kitchen. It is amazing how much help holding a baby actually is to a new mom. Anywho, after the kitchen looked a little less like a hot mess, I started doing some research, AKA browsing Pinterest for some quick ideas for the kitchen. My goal is to get our corner counter under the cabinets a little more clear. It held Danny's randoms, radio and pager chargers, hats, sunglasses and medicine as well as come canisters, bananas when I've got them, wine and wine opener and can opener. Occasionally when the bread won't fit in the cabinet it goes there too. To sum it up, a bunch of random crap that doesn't necessarily belong together.

Here is what I've got in the works at my house today while Danny is home.
It won't be exact, but this is pretty much the set up we have in our house. A set of cabinets with some counter space.

Hopefully tonight I can get the area set up how I want and work on Danny's new corner and post an update. Holding myself accountable with you guys is about the only way it will get done.

We also celebrated my brother's birthday this weekend.

Drew making a face versus actually smiling is pretty standard
See what I mean?
I honestly think this is our first family picture since Christmas. We've got to get better at taking pictures. If what they say about the number of pictures for the second kid compared to the first kid is true, then our next one will have NO pictures. 

The marg that I talked about on Friday was everything I had hoped for and confirmed what I had been expecting... my tolerance isn't what it use to be. One marg in and I was done. I was tired and felt like I was having trouble forming complete, intelligent sentences. I would still talk and walk right, but it required concentration.

It was a productive and fun weekend. The best kind of weekend.

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  1. Glad you had a nice weekend and enjoyed your margarita! The little family photo is so precious! Good luck with the kitchen organization operation! I have such a tiny kitchen that I am trying to do some reorganizing as well. It's not easy sometimes! Although I did save some space by taking 10 bottles of liquor and wine out of the cupboard and to the bar. Ha!