Feb 2, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday: How to Win My Heart

Its safe to say that the only time I will be blogging between now and March 15th is when there is a link up. I've got non-link up topics floating in my head, but no memory to help me jot them down. It'll happen someday :)

Today's link up is part of the year long party with Andrea @ Momfessionals, Show & Tell Tuesday. Today we're telling the world how to Win our Hearts in honor of Valentine's Day. Speaking of, I need to find a gift or two for my Valentine's!

Since my heart is no longer good for the taking, I'm going to share how my husband won my heart. These are memories from our pre-marriage days that stand out.
- Danny and I's relationship, or the months leading up to our relationship, started by driving around listening to music, so its no surprise that some of my favorite memories have to do with him singing to me. The biggest: A few days before we started for real dating we went to dinner and on the way home he sang "She's Everything" by Brad Paisley. Another time he sang to me was at a Rascal Flatts concert in 2009. They were singing "I Melt" which was one of the songs that we listened too a couple times when we were driving around that first night and he just grabbed me and started dancing with me as he sang.

- He is there for me no matter what time or what I need him to do. He once dropped everything to go pick a friend and I up from the airport with about 45 minutes notice. And there he stood, flowers in hand.
- Speaking of flowers, I've received a TON of no reason, just because flowers. I've also received some "I'm sorry for being an asshole" too, so he can admit when he's wrong.
- Another bouquet of flowers was given to me the day he went to school. I moved him in at school with his mom and nephews and when his mom dropped me off at home after midnight that night, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, from Danny, was waiting for me on the kitchen table. He had arranged for it to happen before we left.
- Danny went to school in Wilmington, OH for his first year of college. There were many, many weekends that went until the wee hours of Monday morning just so he could stay with me one more night but still make it back to school in time for class. He sacrificed many hours of sleep for a few more hours with me.
- He endured many sorority formals. The first couple are fun for the non-Greek significant other, but after a few and especially when your sorority girlfriend is sober monitor, they lose their flare.
- He was totally fine spending most weekends hanging out with my parents and their friends.

- One Christmas he made dinner for my mom, dad, brother and me while we opened presents. He had a few gifts from my parents, but he also whipped up a delicious "Chef's Surprise" for us too. This was after he worked Christmas Eve at the fire department too. Christmas Eve's are notoriously busy in that line of work.
- After getting home late from a concert, he agreed to drive an hour and a half away the next morning to watch me coach one single softball game. It was a good thing too, because on the way home is when I got the call about my dad passing away.
- In relation to that event, he arranged to take a week off of work before he even told me he did it. He didn't ask if I wanted him too, he just did it.
- He's a good sport.

- He planned a few birthday parties for me. One actually happened 3 weeks before my birthday since he was supposed to be in football camp at Wilmington and he was going to miss it. He had a friend drive me around, he picked up Chili's take out, and we ate on the deck by candlelight. After dinner, my Grammy and family had cake with us.
- When I went to Florida for spring break our freshman year of college, Danny stuck notes in my luggage before I left. There was one in my suitcase, one in my make up bag, one in my carry-on, and one in my purse. And since this was before smartphones and Facebook being at your fingertips, he wrote me a message every day I was gone so I could read them when I got home.

I'm married to quite the charmer.

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