Feb 12, 2016

Friday Favorites - #healthyfood

This edition of Friday Favorites is inspired by one of my husband's co-workers, who was a freshman when we were seniors and he looks like he could be my second little brother. So, he's practically family. Anyways, he's always making comments to Danny about the food we eat and that it looks good! Even when we are whole30ing. Yesterday he sent me a text asking details on the food.. where do I buy our healthy food, where to do I get recipes, etc. The semi-local supermarket and "Pinterest, duh" was my second answer. I also told him my other recipe source. Instagram. He then asked "do you just search #healthyfood?" While he's got the right idea, that hashtag will get you TONS of useless results I'm guessing. I'm sure I'm not the only sarcastic Instagram user out there. I'd put that hashtag on a piece of cheesecake if it had fruit on it. I actually think I've done that.

Our household is doing a hybrid Paleo/Whole30/a few exceptions eating plan. Whole30 is the base plan, but we allow for forbidden things like compliant but against the rules pancakes and Danny drinks a protein shake before he works out. We're both traveling a lot for work right now (him to class, me to meet with clients in small towns) so we're doing the best we can. Tucker eats what we eat when he's with us.

So, here we go with the faves sources...

1. Pinterest. I considered giving up Pinterest for Lent but then I immediately asked myself "how will I feed my family" It sounds silly I know, but I'm not super creative or reliable on food choices yet. I turn to Pinterest for when I'm looking for a specific type of food. Yesterday my sweet tooth was getting the better of me, so I found some cookies and a mug cake. I have a Paleo/Whole30 board.  I don't add to it all that often because I've found some great recipes that keep making appearances.

Paleo Breakfast Casserole - I used regular ground sausage and this is easily our favorite paleo meal. I made it for dinner last night and there aren't any leftovers. Danny said its the one meal that makes him feel like he isn't "missing out" on anything.

Spiced Butternut Squash soup - I'm the only one that likes this and that's okay. Its the perfect food to pair with other things like chicken salad or chicken wings. Speaking of chicken wings...

Glazed Chicken Wings - These were great! I prepped them at lunch to marinade during the afternoon and popped them in the oven that evening. They were great the next day. I'm going to try the marinade on boneless chicken thighs soon since Danny is anti-bone in chicken.

2. Instagram. I go here when I need inspiration. The Instagram community is a creative bunch. I follow a few Whole30 faithfuls, but a good old fashioned search does wonders. I search #whole30 the most, but also search #paleo some too. When I'm meal planning and I'm having trouble filling a meal, I'll search for that meal, so #whole30lunch (lunch is the worst). Everyone complains about how Instagram is just a bunch of people posting what they ate. Well you know what? I'M GLAD! 

3. Blogs. Now that I've done Whole30 off and on for the better part of the last year, I turn to my own posts some. Posting my meals the very first Whole30 was a good move on my part. I can look back to see what we actually ate, what we liked, and what we didn't like. I also like the whole smiths. She made a Pineapple Fried "Rice" that was so great, fresh and as leftovers. The entire time I was cooking it, I was getting all Mix and Match Mama thinking of ways to change it into a Mexican dish versus a Chinese dish.

And that's how I do it. Nothing spectacular and nothing out of the ordinary.


  1. I never thought to get recipes from IG... I am headed there when I leave here. I use Pinterest for a majority of my paleo recipes, which I have to use due to this gluten intolerance I developed since I was pregnant with Oliver (yep, almost three years ago). I am going to check into those chicken wings.. they sound amazing.

  2. It seems like IG has a lot more food pages and posts lately. Which is nice to not to have to go to Pinterest however I find myself saving tons of screen shots for recipes! Lol

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