Feb 8, 2016

Weekend Recap

Monday is here already. For once I am just kind of indifferent about it. Tucker was the portrait of a two year old yesterday, but we also had some fun the last couple of days as well.

Friday I got a call from my mother-in-law that Tuck went home with my brother-in-law and nieces. When I left work to go pick him up, he stuck that lip out and said he wanted to stay. Aunt Dee couldn't tell him no, so he stayed for tacos and I got a couple of free hours to myself. I walked on the treadmill, ate dinner and read my book. It was pretty awesome. When he got home he pretty much went right to bed. Even more impressive it was the first time I said anything about it. After he went to bed I folded some laundry, painted my nails and watched a couple of episodes of Chicago Fire.

Saturday was our fun day! My Christmas present from Tucker was a date of my choice. One of the options was a trip to the Children's Museum in Indianapolis. I picked that one but chose to go to the one in Muncie since it was closer and cheaper, making it a better option for a test run. We loved it! I mean, Tucker didn't play with anything longer than 5 minutes and made 2 laps around the first floor to play with everything, but it was great!

He found the train table... no surprise here.

For $6 a pop, we'll definitely be going back! And Tuck will probably have this reaction every single time it's time to leave and go home.

After the museum it was time for lunch.  Lunch was supposed to be Chik-Fil-A, per the date options, but I decided to help him (and his bank account, aka Daddy) and go with Steak n Shake since Danny's grandpa recently gave us a gift card and coupons. Tuck pretty much took ownership of "our" shake.

Next was my brother's birthday celebration. For his dinner he chose... Golden Corral. I think he chose this for the simple fact that my mom, his fiancé and me don't like buffets. Well, I like The Journey since it was fantastic and not your typical buffet, but that's it. After dinner we went back to their house for cake and to play with their puppy. Tucker loves Max and his Aunt Megan!

Sunday was the "Toddler Day" of the weekend. The constantly talking loudly during church, super independent and lots of not listening. When Danny asked if I wanted to go to the grocery store alone, he barely got the word "alone" out before I said yes.  I said "pick up your Legos" no less than 55 times yesterday. Despite the toddler-ness of Tucker, we still took him to visit some friend of ours and their baby goats. It took him a while to wake up from his very much needed 15 minutes nap on the way, but once he did he LOVED them. I see some goats at our house in the next couple of years! I honestly wouldn't mind. They sure were sweet!

We got home late so it was a pizza kind of night. After Whole30ing for the majority of the last 2 weeks, a weekend of pizza, milkshakes and buffet food sure is weighing me down today. My body, and sanity, is very happy its Monday!


  1. Oliver and picking up toys!!! Stresses me out. I feel your pain. The funny part is now he actually knows where each of his toys go and if we are picking them up to take them away he will say "no dat goes my tent" or "dat goes my box" but he won't put them away himself.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Oh the toys....I swear it never goes away, lol...

  3. What a fun weekend! I'd love to find a children's museum around here. Sounds fun! Glad you got a little time to yourself as well!