Mar 28, 2016

Easter Weekend

Hi! Crop insurance sales season is over, I barely survived, and I'm hopefully back to blogging regularly. I was told that my posts were missed by my mom and a blogging friend and I've missed it too. A holiday weekend is the perfect way to get back in the game.

Easter weekend started Thursday for us. I left work around 3:45 so Danny and I could take Tucker to see the Easter Bunny. It went sooooo well....

Our good friends that moved to Ohio over the summer were in town and the guys went out with my brother and to my brothers because they were told they were not allowed to stay and watch Pretty Little Liars with us. No even playing. We enjoyed too much wine, chit chatted and literally jumped out of our seats a couple times when we finally got around to watching PLL. We have soooo many questions and ended up talking about it the next night on the way home from dinner!

I was in desperate need of a mental health day, so I took Friday off. Which is probably what led to me drinking so much wine I was convinced the headache at 4:45am was the end of me. Since it wasn't I'll probably make that same exact mistake again and again. 2 cups of coffee and ibuprofen did nothing for my headache. I caved and broke my no pop rule as a Hail Mary and thankfully I did because the Diet Mountain Dew cleared that bad boy right up. Friday I lounged, Easter and meal planned, took a short nap and showered at a leisurely pace. It was lovely and much needed.  I picked Tucker up to play at home for a bit before our friends arrived to go to dinner. We dropped the grumpy toddler off at my moms and went to eat. Our first stop was packed due to IU playing, so we went to PF Changs which wasn't crowded at all. After dinner we walked to Cheesecake Factory to pick up dessert to take back to our house after making a pit stop for some wine. Told you I don't learn.

When we got home we watched old home movies. Amber and I have been friends since 1st grade and participated in our school's talent show when we were in 4th grade. She wanted to watch the recording. Our husbands were questioning the fact that they asked to spend the rest of their lives with us while we were laughing so hard we were crying. Danny went to a private catholic school that didn't have gym AND talent shows and Noah went to a smaller public school. We also watched a 30 minute "news special" that Amber, myself, and 3 other friends recorded at one of my birthday parties. It was 30 minutes of nothing but horrible video camera operating. Again, the guys were concerned about their intelligence. Before they left Amber and I got a picture with our wine glasses that I made for us. I saw similar ones at a winery in the fall and told Danny I wanted to get a set for Amber and I, but couldn't stomach paying $20 for just one. So I made some!

If I look sick, its because I am.

Saturday I got up and did 2 PiYo workouts then headed off to the grocery store before it got crowded.  I prepped an Easter dessert then met my mom to pick Tucker up to head to Easter #1. Danny was at work so it was just Tucker and I. We ate, hunted for eggs and played wiffle ball(which I shouldn't have done). Tucker really enjoyed the egg hunt. While Danny's brother was throwing them on the ground, he kept putting them back in his bag because he "was dropping them on the ground" so that was pretty funny. Then during the actual hunt he would yell the colors of the eggs as he gathered them. So cute!

Easter Sunday rolled around and I sent the boys off to church and headed to MedCheck to figure out what was wrong with me. My mom thought I had bronchitis and.. of course she was right.

But, Easter doesn't care about bronchitis, so I left and played Easter bunny at my father-in-laws and hit about 60 eggs. I picked up my meds then went home to sleep for a bit. I woke up feeling much better, but only for long enough to make it through lunch and an egg hunt. Oh, and to smash a raw egg on my forehead. My niece thought it would be funny to do Jimmy Fallon's egg challenge. There were 3 raw eggs out of the entire bowl. Of course I got handed a raw one. Tucker made out like a bandit with the egg hunt unfortunately. I've eaten all of the mini-Reese's eggs. We snapped a family photo then came home so I could rest and we could wait on my family. We were classy with our dinner and ate Taco Bell while we sat around watching Tucker come down from his sugar high. I wasn't too worked up about it since I was pretty sure it was par for the course for a toddler on Easter. Even Diesel was nuts.

Now its over and I'm still eating Reese's eggs. I'm eating them from the comfort of my living room this morning. I took the morning off to relax and cough up the crap in my chest. Relaxing morning, right?


  1. Tim got a whole basket from EB of Reeses Eggs and instead of a chocolate bunny this year got a giant reeses egg. I hope your feeling better and I am glad your blogging again.

  2. Sorry to hear you got sick! I hope your feeling better soon! Looks like a great Easter! You can pass some of those Reese's eggs this way! ;) I've missed your posts too! Glad to see you survived crop season! ;)