Jan 20, 2014

Weekend Recap

So, its Monday. I'm out of coffee creamer. It's Monday. Tucker proceeded to "talk" in his sleep from 4:30am on. And its Monday.

This girl gave herself the day off on Friday, and the rest of the Fridays in January for that matter. This first one, I got my hair done. Now, it had been since mid-October since I had my hair done. We tried to schedule my appointments so that I wouldn't risk going into labor in her chair, but I also wouldn't look terrible for the weeks following Tucker's birth since I would be busy. Funny thing about that is, I was suppose to get my hair done the day he was born.  I was looking rough. My hair girl even said "I knew it was going to be bad, but I didn't think it would be this bad." I knew everyone was just being nice when they told me "it looked fine." I enjoyed a glass of wine, got pampered and almost fell asleep while my hair was being washed. It was lovely.

Danny worked on Saturday and we were suppose to get more snow (which we did) so I knew Tucker and I wouldn't be going anywhere, so we stayed in with Diesel all day. We did nothing but cuddle all day long. Not only because I wanted too, but because someone refused to nap anywhere but on me. It was a long day and I was lucky to eat 3 meals. I had a nice to-do list that I was going to get done.. I got one thing done. One thing. Its alright though. He won't be this little forever and maybe one day the house will clean itself. :)

Sunday we celebrated Danny's dad's birthday, which Tucker missed out on most of since he was napping with his uncle.  While we were waiting to go over there, I asked Danny to take our picture. He proceeded to act like he was a professional photographer and did this...

He thought it was pretty funny. And we did get a good laugh out of it so it was worth it. Here is the final winning shot though. Diesel is really starting to warm up to Tucker now that he is awake more. I cannot wait until they can really interact. It'll be hilarious.

That was all for this weekend. It sure flew by and I would imagine they all will for the next 20+ years.

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  1. Aw. Tuck is so cute. We got more snow here too. It is 3 below today. I hate this weather. I am glad everyone is settling in well. You look amazing.