Jan 27, 2014

Let me just tell you about last week

So you know how I said I was back? Yeah, my house and Mother Nature had other plans.

Monday after work, the toilet stopped working. Fine, I can deal. There's a bathroom out in the garage and even though its colder than a witch's tit outside, I can go out there to pee. Let's not forget to mention that another pipe busted at my office the Friday before so there wasn't water there, meaning no toilet either. Apparently me going to the bathroom is a difficult task these days. After work I ended up taking Tucker to a breastfeeding support group and we did a weighed feeding. After 30 minutes of nursing the little guy got 0.0 ounces. Awesome!  More on our breastfeeding journey tomorrow or Wednesday by the way.

Tuesday. Danny couldn't get the toilet fixed so that meant another night of going out to the garage to pee. I also had to go to the grocery after work, wash all bottles and pump parts and it was bath night for Tucker. Danny could hardly help since he was trying to fix the toilet and get ready for work the next day. Oh, and the pipes to the washer froze. I about lost my mind this day after the rough Monday night and an extremely busy Tuesday night.

Wednesday was frigid and I decided I needed a day to do nothing and snuggle with Tucker. Being self employed gives me too much freedom sometimes. I used the excuse that it was too cold to take Tucker outside to go to Danny's moms. But as soon as my friends brought up the idea of going to lunch, it was fine. When I got back from lunch, we had no water.
*If you're keeping track.. 2 days of having to go outside to pee, no washer, and now I can't even go to the garage to pee. Oh, and I hadn't showered since Monday.
Danny was able to come home from work to try and fix the water situation. He tried and tried and tried. At 7:30 when we still didn't have water, I packed Tucker and I up to go stay at my Gram's house with my aunt. Packing a baby up for 1 night takes the same amount of effort that packing Danny and I for a week takes. Of course as soon as we got there and all settled, the water came back on, but the problem couldn't be completely fixed until the next day.

Thursday we went home as soon as the sun came up and found out we didn't have hot water. We had water, but it wasn't hot. I think we had a toilet in the house though. I can't remember when that got fixed exactly. I had to make myself look as clean as possible to go to work for a few hours.

After work, our house was back in working order. I had a toilet in the house, the washer worked and I could do laundry and we had hot water so I could bathe my dirty ass.

Things have been absolutely crazy since Tucker arrived. Whether it be something to do with him, a health issue of my own, or Mother Nature wreaking havoc, its always something. But, I wouldn't be able to get through any of it without my hard working husband or my mom who will listen to me bitch about all of it.

Now here is a sweet picture of my boys. Danny's mom watched them both while we went out to eat and to Sam's Club Friday night. It was actually a double date. I'm glad we have friends that enjoy the simple old people things like us.


  1. Oh no! I am so glad it is all fixed now!

  2. Oh my gosh. That sounds so stressful... I would have probably had a break down. Sounds like you handled it very well and I'm glad that you guys finally got everything working again! Thank God for handy husbands huh! I hope this week is much better!