Jan 7, 2014

Tucker's Room

Typically nursery reveals are done before the baby arrives because nurseries are generally done before the baby gets here. Not the case over here. Thankfully Danny's mom and stepdad are wonderful people and they came over and finished putting things in their places and hanging a couple of things for us while we were in the hospital with Tucker. That, and Danny's mom just got the curtains done over this past weekend and I didn't want to show you all the room without those. 

We went with a farm theme. A lot of people just assumed we would do fire trucks given Danny's profession, but he was a farm boy first. The green really isn't as lime-ish as it appears in the pictures. 

Changing table area is pretty bare, but that wall is pretty small.  I made the animal pictures on Heritage Makers.  Its an online scrapbooking program. You can design scrapbook pages, invitations, cards, calendars, etc. You can either use a template of start from scratch. My SIL is a consultant and I signed up a couple of years ago when she first started.  I've got TONS of points built up so I wanted to use some of them on Tuck's room. I made these particular pictures from scratch, but there isn't much too them. 

The dresser is probably the thing I'm most proud of.  It was mine when I was little.  This is what it looked like before. 

After a couple hours and my awesome mama's help, this is the finished product and I couldn't be more pleased! The barn piƱata is from my shower.

The crib and changing table are from Target. My brother says they are very classy lol. Anyway, the letters were my other DIY project. Everything (letters, paint and animals) are from Hobby Lobby.  I lightly spray painted them then stuck an animal on each letter.  I even hung those bad boys by myself (which I came up with a simple way to do that and I will share with you all. You and your husbands will thank me.) We bought the shelf on the left from a barn sale. It fits the farm theme very well. 

Finally, the glider area, aka my sleeping area for our first 3 nights home and a contributor to the pilonidal cyst. I absolutely LOVE the curtains. Danny's mom did such a good job.  The tractor picture on the wall was Danny's.  I love that Tucker has a piece of both our childhoods in his room. That TV tray will eventually be replaced by table or bookshelf of some sort. I put that rug under the window so that Diesel could sit in there with us. He's used it a couple of times already and I think it's adorable.

So there is our little boy's room. Now if I could just decorate the rest of my house this well I would be a happy lady!


  1. Aw I love it! I just realized that our nursery is the only room in our house that I actually spent time "decorating" lol, Every other room is just a hodge podge!

  2. Tucker's room looks great! You did such an awesome job on that dresser! That is so neat that it was yours growing up! :)