Aug 3, 2015

Weekend Recap

Hey, look who is blogging on a Monday and not just on the last Wednesday of the month for What's Up Wednesday?! It's time for a weekend recap!

Friday evening Tucker and I had plans to go eat with my mom, her brother, Drew and his girlfriend. My uncle is in town for his annual visit and we like to get together with him a few times while he's here. After stuffing ourselves with some Mexican food, we headed out to Drew's for a bit. Once it was past Tuck's bedtime, we headed home. Danny was working Friday, so after Tucker went to sleep I finished watching Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix while I ate some popsicles. I felt like a 13 year old.

Saturday was spent mostly running around. Danny needed a haircut and I needed a few things from Target and before we knew it we were all hungry for lunch. After we ate lunch, we went to visit Danny's dad then headed to a birthday party for Danny's brother and nephew. I cannot believe our nephew is 15 and is now starting high school today! We left the party to get ready for our date! Our 4th wedding anniversary is on Wednesday, so we wanted to go out to celebrate over the weekend.  My mom got us a gift certificate to The Journey for Christmas, so we used that. It was SOOOO good! this is Danny's first plate.

It was nice to go out and enjoy dinner just the two of us. We went to bed shortly after we got home. We were beat from running around all day!

Sunday was just as busy for Tuck and me. Danny didn't have to work, but after church he had shooting plans with some friends. While he did that, Tucker and I went to Target again and to the grocery store. After a quick lunch, we went to get ice cream with my mom and her brother, sister and great-niece. Then I made my easy BBQ ribs since they were on sale last week along with some twice baked potato casserole. Danny said I cheated and its really "once microwaved and once baked potato casserole" but whatever. Who has time to bake potatoes for an hour THEN assemble. No. Just microwave them and go about your business. We went on our nightly walk and then I fell asleep putting Tucker to bed. I then proceeded to get up and eat a ton of ice cream since apparently one sundae (okay, I ate most of Tucker's too) wasn't enough.

It was a busy weekend, Not quite like the past 3 months have been, but still busy!


  1. Twiced baked potato casserole... yumm! What do you put in yours?!

  2. Your weekend sounded fun. I could go for a gallon of ice cream (chocolate of course). And Danny's plate of food... I want it sitting in front of me now. I am so excited you posted. Hop over to my blog and link up for the new Weekend link up, I mean we all post about it anyway may as well make some new friends too....