Aug 5, 2015

4 years

On this day 4 years ago, I married my best friend and love of my life.

In those 4 years, we've gone through the big things: both of us graduating college, getting through the first year of marriage, buying a house together, experiencing the for richer, for poorer when my family business almost crumbled, having a baby, and doing the in sickness and in health thing when Danny broke his foot.

But what I noticed when I was looking for pictures to make the a collage for the obligatory anniversary post on all forms of social media, the "little" things are where the magic happens. The little moments in between all the big moments.

1. Top Left: Indianapolis Indians game. I vividly remember Danny telling me the first summer we started dating that he would rather watch paint dry than watch a baseball game. A trip to St. Louis and me begging to go to a Cardinals game changed his mind. We haven't been to a baseball game in 2 years, but for Danny Summers to enjoy baseball says a lot!

2. Top Right: Mother's Day 2013. We were at Hooter's with my mom and brother. Dinner at Hooters was Danny's idea. Even though I wasn't officially a mother yet, Danny acknowledged the day with a  card. He usually did with Diesel anyways, but he made sure this day was recognized. It was also that in between time when you find out your pregnant but you can't tell anyone yet. My mom and brother knew, but the news hadn't been made public yet.

3. Bottom Left: Tiger Trot 5K in 2014.  I used to despise running. I never understood why people ran for fun. Growing up as an athlete, running was usually a form of punishment. Missed free throws? Run suicides. Other team serves an ace against you: run stairs. Strike out looking: run around the field outsid the fence. But after watching Danny complete the Tiger Trot in 2013 and seeing how great he felt about himself, I had to give it a try.

4. Bottom Right: Our camper. Danny and I don't share many hobbies. He likes to shoot guns and fish while I like to shop and drink wine. But this year we made a purchase that allows us to do something together as a family. Danny can fish during the day and I can drink wine (or rum or beer) during the day AND night. Ha!

There is no one I'd rather share the big and little moments with.