Jul 10, 2014

Survival Mode

Well hi there! It's been a while (9 days to be exact) since I posted, even though it seems like it was just this past Tuesday. Things have been NUTS and I am running on fumes. I thought I'd give a rundown on the happenings in our lives while I have a spare minute. The only reason I have a spare minute though is because I'm at work. It's crazy that work seems like a break, especially since its the busiest time of the year right now.

Danny - He had surgery on Tuesday. Nope, not last Tuesday, but 2 days ago. A surgery that almost 2 weeks ago almost seemed like it needed done the day he did it, just happened about 51 hours ago. The joys of dealing with worker's comp and having to run everything through the city. Let's just say someone dropped a ball or two and didn't get paper turned in on time for the surgery to get approved sooner. Might I also mention that we had the papers turned in LAST Monday, June 30th at 7:15am. The papers didn't get faxed until July 3rd. Thanks for that one! End rant Danny is doing okay. Right after his surgery he was doing really well, but when the nerve block wore off he was begging me to cut his foot off. I hate this for him. My busy body, doesn't know how to relax husband does not do being down well. At all. He goes back to the surgeon on the 22nd and at that point they will remove the staples and put him in a cast for 3 more weeks. After that the pins will come out and he will be put in a boot. Hopefully at that point he can resume SOME normal activity. He is dying not being able to work in the garden, get his barn set up, check on his pigs, drive his truck, or mow.

Tucker - I have a 7 month old! Crazy crazy stuff! And he is an eating machine! He still nurses and takes the same amount of bottles as before and eats 3 whole containers of baby food. He's also loving munching on apple slices and cucumbers. I hope he stays this open to all foods. Picky eaters are tough.

Me - I'm surviving. From 5am-11/11:30pm I am on the go doing something. I haven't worked out since the day Danny broke his foot. I honestly don't have the energy and I'm not sure how I would fit it into my schedule. Initially I just wanted to take one week off to gather my thoughts and evaluate, then jump back into T25. The program was going so well and I was sticking with it. When Tucker goes to bed though, I just can't imagine putting on workout clothes and doing it. I can hardly keep my eyes open and I still have bottles to wash, dishes to do, laundry, get Danny meds/ice/water/snack, let the dog out, water the garden and flowers, etc. I'm going to try to start walking next week but my dilemma with that is I can't imagine going to the park without Diesel. But I also can't imagine going to the park with Diesel and also having to push a stroller with Tucker in it. The logistics of getting the stroller out and Tucker into it while keeping Diesel from running off is mind boggling and I'm just not really sure how it would work. Tucker HAS to go because Danny can't take care of him right now. I'm going to have to find a walking buddy or go at 5 while Tucker is still at Danny's mom's and its hotter than hell out. All I know is I need to do something because I've been stress eating and my muffin top is coming back. I will probably cry if I have to put maternity jeans back on.
7am selfie. Yes, I am as tired as I look.

That's all I have time for today. Someday soon I'll be back in the swing of blogging things. Hopefully. I miss it.


  1. Keep your chin up... you're doing great to manage it all! Hopefully you'll get a break here in the coming weeks!

  2. Oh girl! You have SO much on your plate! Keep your head above water! Your a strong cookie! Kudos to you for being a supermom AND a superwife!! :) Tucker is just so stinkin' adorable! Love love love that hair!!! :)