May 30, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was spent doing a little bit of something we love doing: camping! Really though, it felt like just a little bit of camping.

Thursday afternoon I left work a bit early to finish packing and pick the kids up to head up to the campground. About halfway up, Danny called saying there was talk of them closing the campground due to flooding. It's been raining for weeks in Indiana and since the campground is on a lake, some of it was already under water. We decided to just go for it and we'd deal with having to leave if it came down to that. We ended up having beautiful weather for most of our stay since we were at home Friday night. Tucker had a tee ball game Friday and Danny had to work Saturday. His fire department is 35 minutes in the opposite direction of the campground from home so it was easier on him to stay at home. Plus I didn't want to spend all day solo parenting at the camper with the possibility of it raining.

It was really a pretty relaxing weekend though. Tucker is finally old enough to play with the bigger kids without me having to watch him super closely. There are a few girls that are about 10 years old that love "watching" him so he's not totally unsupervised. Of course he found a puddle of water to "make a potion" in which is his favorite thing to do.

He may have ruined his shorts and shirt but he was playing and having the time of his life so I can deal.

Charlee did pretty good camping. She got passed around like a hot potato Saturday night and I paid for it Sunday and Monday. Girlfriend likes to relax and this weekend was a bit too much partying I think. She was a stage 5 clinger both days. She slept really well though! Camping with a 10 week old went a bit easier than I expected it too, but that's probably because I had so much help. Seriously, I barely held her Sunday when I wasn't wearing her for her naps.

We got home pretty early yesterday morning. I spent a couple hours meal planning for us to start 21 Day Fix today. The concept of the program is very easy to understand, but the actual planning was a lot harder than I expected. I was also wrangling a toddler and baby so that probably had something to do with it. I finally went to the grocery with Charlee around 4 and was up until 10:30 prepping due to bedtime for her taking forever. I hope since we are back to our regular routine it doesn't take as long tonight.

Now it's time to enjoy a short work week!

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  1. Yay! You are on 21 DF. Exciting. Your littles are getting so big. How is everything else going?