Sep 29, 2016

Catching Up: June

The month of June was certainly a busy one with it being the month my little brother got married!

The first weekend was my new sister-in-law's bachelorette weekend. Her and I along with 3 other bridesmaids spent Friday night through Sunday morning at a lake house in northern Indiana. Unfortunately it rained almost the entire day on Saturday, so a lot of it was just spent laying around and talking. And eating. As well as drinking.

We went on a mid-week camping trip at a nearby campground.

By the end of that week, Danny had his new job. It all happened very quickly and it was a tough decision. Danny and I were both crying while discussing it at one point. He gave his hometown department 8 years of his life and could have given his whole life given his profession. I am still so proud of my husband to putting himself first for once though and I know he is going to do great things. Life hasn't really changed for us in that area. His schedule is the EXACT same, down to the scheduled days and everything, so that has been nice.

The next weekend was the wedding weekend!

My brother and some of his friends stringing lanterns.
There were a lot of lanterns.

The rehearsal went great. Tucker showed a lot of potential in his job as ring bearer.

Tucker flirting with all the girls. I kid you not, he made this girl's boyfriend get up and sit somewhere else.

Drew and Megan eat at the Mexican restaurant in town so often that the restaurant gifted them one of their little statues.

Before my wedding, Drew and I had a Crown Royal drink in memory of our dad. We made sure to do the same before Drew's wedding.

Me and the ring bearer.

Danny was an usher but go upgraded to co-ring bearer at the last minute since Tucker wasn't really feeling it. Even with tractors in his hand haha.

Danny was super dad the entire day though so I could do what I needed to do. He succeeded obviously!

The next weekend we went to A Day Out With Thomas with our new neighbors that have a little boy Tucker's age. Tucker loved the bouncy train and was okay with the ride on the train. It was really hot that day.

That was pretty much our June! It was a busy month but it was also great!

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  1. Danny got a new job? Is he still a fireman? Sometimes change is for the best. It is too funny that the Mexican Restaraunt gifted them a statute... lol. But super cute. Sounds like you had a great June.