Jan 18, 2016

Weekend of Family Time

Last week was a whirlwind! I left Monday morning for a meeting a little bit south of me, then made the 5.5 hour drive to Carbondale for a meeting that was Tuesday morning, then drove 3 hours after that almost to the IL/IN border for 3 more meetings on Wednesday. I got  home Wednesday evening around 7:15 and could not have been happier about being out of the car! That's a lot of driving by yourself! Plus, there was a sweet boy at home who missed his mama. He was even ready to leave his Mamaw's house Wednesday afternoon.

So, needless to say, there wasn't much time for blogging last week. But, hopefully this week is a bit different!

We had a pretty great weekend. On Friday, we had a family picnic for dinner. In the living room of course since its absolutely frigid outside. We had take out from one of the bars in town, spread out picnic blanket across the floor and watched a movie. We watched Disney Shortfilms on Netflix. Danny and I didn't like it and Tucker would watch just about anything on TV. After we ate dinner we had family snuggles on the couch. Out of nowhere, Tucker wrapped an arm about Danny and I both and said "Love you guys!" and I about cried. After Tuck went to bed, we watched Modern Family from this week and I got a little more caught up on Chicago PD. 

Saturday was a long day. Well, a long morning. Tucker and Diesel were determined to not listen and that is exactly what they did the entire morning. Thankfully, we had a birthday party for Danny's dad and then after that Tucker was going to Gigi's to stay all night. Last Saturday he threw an hour long fit because he wanted to stay with her. Even though I was gone for half the week, I knew a night to myself at home on Saturday would still be magical. And it was. After I dropped Tucker off, I grabbed my sushi take out, picked up the computer from Danny at the fire station and plopped my butt on the couch and hardly moved. I worked on Tucker's baby book (yes, I realize he is 2) and finished getting caught up on Chicago PD.

On Sunday I SLEPT UNTIL 815!!!!!!!!!!

I was woke up by Danny who brought me biscuits and gravy. After stuffing myself, I showered and headed out to make a Target trip for some random things (why else do you go to Target?) and groceries. Since I didn't have the Tiny Dictator I decided to try a new grocery store, Ruler Foods. I probably won't go back. It was like Aldi and Kroger had a baby. They had great prices, but not a real great selection. I can see me going back for things like frozen chicken breasts, but other than that I don't see it happening. 

Last night was the first family dinner for my mom's Christmas gift. We were supposed to get together last Sunday, but the snow had other plans. I made chicken enchiladas and served them with refried beans and corn. I also made brownies.

After dinner, we all sat around and watched Tucker and Uncle Drew play.

Once everyone left, Tucker crashed hard. He ran and played from the time he got home with my mom until the second they walked out the door. Once they left he turned, so he went straight to bed.

We had a great weekend. I got time with my immediate family, time with myself, time with my mom, brother and future sister-in-law and time with Danny's family. Perfect.


  1. Carbondale, Illinois? That is about 1.5 hours from me. You were soooo close. I didn't blog at all last week either but mine was more mood then absence. I would give anything to spend an afternoon/evening/night until morning with out my 3 little dictators. I keep telling Tim we need a sleepcation.

  2. Wow that is a lot of driving by yourself! Sounds like a great weekend with the family though! How cute of Tucker to say that to you guys!