Sep 28, 2015

Weekend Recap

The weather was beautiful this weekend. It was an absolute perfect weekend to be spent camping with friends!

We took off Friday after Danny and I both got home from work. We like to leave around 2 or 3 normally, but Danny had a work commitment and didn't get home until 4:30. But I had the camper and truck loaded up and ready to go! We grabbed the dog and Tucker and hit the road. Friday night we made french bread pizzas on the grill and had a Dole salad kit for dinner. First night dinners are easy. After we ate dinner and Tuck got his pj's on, we hung out with Danny's BFF's family then Tuck was ready for bed. He has been known to take 2 hours to bed while camping (a far cry from our first outing), so the 30 minute bedtime that Danny endured was awesome. After a few more drinks and some chatting with friends, we all went to bed.

Saturday I made pancakes for everyone while Danny's BFF made bacon over the fire. After breakfast, and a shower for me, we all headed to the James Dean Festival... which was pretty much all the way back home. It is a HUGE festival that takes up almost the entire town of Fairmount, IN where James Dean was from. People that are from there and live elsewhere now come home for this every year. It's a big deal. We just went to eat and get the last bit of kettle corn for the year.

After we got back, Danny and I took Tucker and our friends' kids to the "beach" at the campground. This little outing made this campground our favorite. We can't wait to go back next year when the weather is warm and spend the day at the beach. Tucker loved playing in the water. He liked the beach more than he liked the playground!

A note about this next picture. June in Indiana was rough. It rained and rained and then rained some more. When we got back from Alaska, we came home to flooded corn fields and a mess at work. The nearby reservoirs were flooded. Big time. The beach we were at this past weekend was completely under water and the only thing visible on the camp store was the roof. The same goes for the other campground that we got too. Completely under water. While the campgrounds are open, and the damage is still being repaired on the store, you can still see what happened in the trees. Most trees around the water are dead half way up. You can kind of see it in my other pictures too. 

Dinner on the second night was shishkabobs, campfire potatoes and buffalo chicken dip. The older kids helped assemble the kabobs while Tucker just grabbed whatever he felt like munching on out of the veggie bowl. After dinner and Tuck was put to bed (by Danny again, SCORE!) I enjoyed a "juice box" by the fire and a smore. 
It was such a fun weekend. Camping is definitely a Summers Family favorite. A lot of work goes into it, but its so worth it.

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  1. Camping is a Keller fav too, although we had to call it quits at the end of August because camping at 8-9 months pregnant wasn't sounding too good. We were supposed to go camping this weekend as well and I am glad we didn't because I was having contractions and was sick all weekend. We have one more trip planned in November... next year will be a different story. That is awesome Danny put Tuck to bed, that is usually my job and then I end up falling asleep too.